Tim Knapman – Dairy Farmer

Tim is a dairy farmer.  He had lost his father and brother to heart illness definitely before their time and he was becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the lifestyle of a dairy farmer, the lack of sleep, the nutrition that one is driven to, lack of high energy cardio activity and the general stresses and strains of farming life.

He was concerned about genetics and hidden issues and wanted to do the best he could in order to not follow the family trend.

I worked with him and Kathi for a number of years helping to fill the gaps and guide them through the lifestyle they had chosen.

30 years of poor diet, minimal vigorous exercise and no stretching had left me overweight, stiff and lethargic. Emma has introduced an exercise regime, diet suggestions and especially mobilization of the spine, resulting in much improved flexibility, stamina and improved energy levels.

Tim KnapmanDairy Farmer