Jessica Habel – Barrister and Mum of 3

I have trained Jessica for about 5 years now.  Over the last few years we have worked hard on some goals.  Jess loves the outdoors, she lives in Winchester and has a job that keeps her nose in pages and pages of files and reading.  We have worked hard in training her up to enjoy open water swimming – low stress on the body, gets to go of fab places and stays fit as well.

“However, thanks to all my work with you my head had now got into the right place, I knew another loop would be a challenge but I knew I could do it”

I have been working with Emma for 5 years now and it has been a transformative experience ... what Emma has shown me is what all the hard work in the gym is about in that it enables you to do the things that you really enjoy doing. Emma works with your mind .. because one of the most difficult things is to work out what you really want ..... what she does with your body is work with your posture, your form, your strength and your fitness to enable you to do the things you really enjoy doing. I had never been able to run and now I run regularly .... I enjoyed swimming but I had never really done any distance, I started in the pool and now I am doing open water events.

Jessica HabelBarrister with a new love of open water swimming