The power of the mind has so much more to do with our performance and achievements than we realise. There is no better way to understand this than competing in top-level sport.
We have a choice when we wake up as to how we feel about the day.  Whether we are happy or sad, eager or frustrated.
We have reasons why we do things, why we don’t do things, and it all comes down to how we think and feel about things and how we have rationalised our priorities.


Human Beings are strange animals we need to work things out for ourselves.  It is no good being told, because even though the same thing may work for many people, generally one does not get to the endpoint the same way and so the solution may not feel like it works for you, there are many different ways to look at a situation and they are all right, and all different in each of our worlds, so what “something” means to one person will not necessarily mean to the same to another.
We all too easily fill our brain with why we can’t do something right now, why we need to do something later and we let ourselves “off” then have a nagging feeling inside that we have not done what we wanted to do in the way that we wanted to do it.

We have a complex mind full of reasons and excuses and things that we like and things that we don’t like, and it is our job to help you to uncover these and see through the clouds and shed the excuses that get in the way of us doing the things we want to do.

From a higher-level perspective of performance it is all very well to have fitness and skill but this is no good without a winning mindset.

Which frame of mind do you think is most productive to making winning decisions?

Having come from professional sports backgrounds, there are many lessons learnt that can be used to help people Psychologically Progress, using Mentors from high-level sports to show how they achieved and so help you find the way.  The issues of productivity, mindset, communication, strategy etc in business and in the workplace can also be dealt with through the same methodology.

For further information on the different ways we help to motivate and coach please see below:

Professional Mentoring – guiding through high-performance experience

Professional Mentoring – guiding through high-performance experience
Lessons learnt from the Professional Sports Arena, coaching for improvements in mindset. Professional Sport is a platform to get the best out of ourselves, where we begin with passion and fun,  and then we discover the compromises and choices needed in order to really succeed. Mentoring has been in practice in life for years.  It is...

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Psychology Coaching – facilitating change through experience & techniques from NLP

Psychology Coaching – facilitating change through experience & techniques from NLP
Using the techniques acquired as Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner along with the experiences of climbing through the weeds to become a professional sailor, Emma can guide you to learn to conquer the psychological barriers which hold you back. We can then learn to look at things in a different light.The methodology of visualisation and reframing...

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