Full Head to Toe Biomechanics Physical Assessment1.5 hoursAssessment and go through corrective exercise plan, handwritten£90
Nutrition & Cellular Health Check 1 hourLooking at Body Balance, PH levels, mineral testing, BP, Body Stats, Food diary, Lung capacity £75
Total Assessment, Nutrition & Cellular Health Check2.5 hours Go through the whole body assessment and cellular health checks£150
Written Reports & Programsper assessmentDone after session and emailed after£25
1-2-1 Session1 hour sessionsone off session£65
1-2-1 Session – Monthly fee1 hour sessions1 per week £62.50
1-2-1 Session – Block of 10 sessions1 hour sessionsten sessions£600
Exercise sheets given on top of sessionStand-alone sessions designed and emailed, £20
Exercise Schedule1 hour consultation + Program design (up to 1.5 hours)Personalised to you, looking at all your commitments and designing around and including£110
Monthly package1 hour sessions 20 mins email2 sessions per month and 4 email contact (30mins of time) advisory consultations£190
On going Email engagement0-5 monthsprice per month for 1 x email (30 mins) per week£60/pm
On going Email engagementminimum 5 monthsprice per month for 1 x email (30 mins) per week£40p/m
 On Line    
Wake up and stretch sessions45-50 minsLearn to stretch and work your core with fun and variety. £5 each or £20/wk
Additional class sessions45-50 mins Indoor cycle sessions, upper body work out, lower body work out£5 each or £30/wk incl stretch
1-2-1 Assessment1 – I.5 hour Take away an understanding of what is going on with your body and an exercise regime to start making change£75
1-2-1 Health & Fitness sessions1 hour Work through the planned exercise regime to create change to improve performance£55
1-2-1 Health & Fitness – Block of 10 sessions1 hourBlock of 10 sessions£500
Work through Health Insurance Administration paper work£5 per session extra
Public Speaking Appearances Customised and detail on request 
Individual Mentoring Provide with relevant information to help with guidanceHourly rate of £60

If sessions run over the alloted time it is at the discretion of the trainer whether an extra fee is charged

Travel is charged at 50p per mile plus 50% of hourly rate.