You have looked up this website for a reason. Either you are in pain from a niggle that has become a grumble, or you have had an injury or an operation, or you want to up your exercise regime and you want to get the most out of your training and avoid injury, or you are an athlete who wants to get the upper hand over your competition by being the strongest and best you can possibly be. All of these are really good reasons to work with a Biomechanics specialist in order to improve your posture and get a better, more functional movement

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Biospheric Performance is based in the South Hampshire Region.

This is a bespoke Coaching service – looking at your Biomechanics, Mental Wellbeing, Nutrition, Fitness Levels, Goals, Desires, Strengths and Weaknesses – tailored to your needs. Currently primarily working online or outside in gardens or the great British countryside, before Covid19 was based in Winchester out of New Energy Fitness.

For more information please contact:

Emma Westmacott

+44 7748560077