Ros Tapp

Ros Tapp talks about her experience with the online classes, how she is eliminating her aches and pains from the scoliosis she carries.

I thought I need to get my Biomechanics right because I have scoliosis, I have a 35-degree curve and a twisting spine, and I knew that I use the wrong muscles and that I needed to get everything fired up working again before I started walking again.
The Biomechanics assessment highlighted how much my movement was limited on one side …..I hope you continue with these morning classes.

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the benefits of biomechanics to the over 60s. assessment, training and online classes

Does this training work when you are over 60?

Hear from Sandra about her experience. She is in her late 60’s and has had back issues, plus ankle and shoulder. She has been in a lot of pain. This was recorded after 3 months of working with Emma. They met online through another practitioner. The assessment was done online, in May, using specific camera …

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Sarah Bennett working with MS

Learning to walk again – Overcoming the stigma that if you have MS you won’t get better. After hip surgery realising that walking agina is an option! Sarah Bennett tells her story.

Emma has had a totally different approach, She has helped me so much with my posture, pain, my walking, being mobile. I used the wheelchair much before, I rarely use it now …… I feel much more confident now, for example, a day like today with all this rain I would have been so frightened about going outside ….. Emma has explained exactly how the joints work, how everything fits together …… I had got so used to doing the wrong things …. The method that Emma takes for me has been very different, she is always looking for ways to do things differently, ways around problems and blocks, it may take a bit longer than traditional methods of getting on a bicycle but it is way more effective.

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Linda Stokes – Mum of 3, sails dinghies, skies offpiste, runs, regular gym goer

After Emma’s initial study of me it became apparent that my lower back problems were due to the fact I hardly used my gluteal muscle and my knee had to be built back up to support me whilst dingy sailing and skiing for the upcoming season. I have become stronger, motivated and toned over the last year and am really please to say that I have not had any further back problems and skied better and stronger than ever this season.

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