Professional Sport is a platform to get the best out of ourselves, where passion and fun come out,  and we discover compromises and choices needed in order to really succeed.

Mentoring has happened in life for years.  It is really about learning where others left off, using tried and tested experiences, setting an example and what better way than to use athletes to lead the way in sport psychology, fitness and nutrition, what works and what doesn’t.

Mentoring ties up the Virtual Training plus one to one Personal Training or Coaching.  The format can be simply global planning and guidance or along side detailed programs.  It gives a fall back that the client has the knowledge that there is someone there behind the scenes to ask advice of.

Our mentors are athletes who have been there and done that.  Pioneered by Emma who is still an accomplished active Maxi Yacht Racing Sailor.

Using these stories from Professional Sport Emma also engages in Public Speaking using lessons learnt to illustrate day to day issues in working, family and sporting life – see the link below



Here is a video I put together to motivate my niece after a rough day sailing!