Greg H
Greg HPro sailor/ snowboard instructor/ kitesurfer

I have now known Emma for over 15 yrs, as a personal friend & also as a professional sail racer. We currently race together on a maxi 100 yacht.
I have been sail racing professionally for over 30 years, in winter I am a pro snowboard coach & mountain guide.
Both sail racing & snowboarding are inherently risky, so I have had my fair share of injuries.
Emma is the first person I contact after an injury, to seek her advice on the injury itself, & the rehab that would be best.
When your income is from sport, the best possible advice pays for itself, as the longer you are out, the less you earn. I would highly recommend Emma for the services she provides.

Lucy V
Lucy VMum of 2 who loves to be active

"I love how I can barely reach my ankles at the beginning of the session, but hands over the toes by the end.
Lucy has come for the last few months to the "Wake up and Stretch" Class that I do online every morning except Sundays. She has only ever trained online with me as she lives 2 hours away!! This is the beauty of Zoom online sessions - geography is no longer an obstacle."

- Richard P
- Richard PCycled the Etap du Tour

"Emma - Many thanks – made it ! Thanks in no small part to your excellent programme and cajoling. Hugely appreciated. Col de Joux Plane 11.9km at 9% was a struggle at the end of the day. The 3 of us 60yr olds were all between 7.5 and 8hrs and everyone got round safely on a hot day. Now to think of the next challenge!"

Sandra D
Sandra DRecently become a grandmother, Broke her back a few years ago

"I can feel I am really getting benefit from this work. I just feel more open and stronger, I am getting so much benefit. Thank you so much and thank you to Ancki for recommending you. I think it is amazing, like NLP this Biomechanics and your style of training should be part of education, because it is so important, it should be part of life."

Kathi Knapman
Kathi KnapmanAccountant and Dairy Farmer

"An active dairy farmer I have sustained a number of injuries, which has left my body stiff and unbalanced. Emma has helped me to address these issues through core stability exercise, mobilization and interval training."

Linda Stokes
Linda StokesMum of 3, sails dinghies, skies offpiste, runs, regular gym goer

"I visited Emma after a knee injury whilst skiing and repetitive lower back problems. I have become stronger, motivated and toned over the last year and am really please to say that I have not had any further back problems and skied better and stronger than ever this season."

Emma Stokes
Emma StokesSuffered serious back pain – now out running/riding and skiing.

"I started training with Emma in Spring 2014, and looking back I am amazed at our progress. We started little by little chipping away at my posture, alignment and gradually building up my strength. Emma has worked hard to build my confidence, encouraging me to live again. I went skiing with the family at Christmas" ....

Snippet from class clients

"I highly recommend TRX" Nicci K
"Crumbs I feel marvellous now .... can't quite believe it but that session was hard" Emma S
"TRX would be great outside the caravan along with the mat" you could work out anywhere" Susie T

EmilyAn avid sailor

"I want to thank you for the significant contribution you have made to my and my family's life over the last year. I am absolutely sure that if it had not been for your input, I would not be in the significantly improved physical state I am in now...."

Tim Knapman
Tim KnapmanDairy Farmer

"30 years of poor diet, minimal vigorous exercise and no stretching had left me overweight, stiff and lethargic. Emma has introduced an exercise regime, diet suggestions and especially mobilization of the spine, resulting in much improved flexibility, stamina and improved energy levels."

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