These videos are designed as guidance & reminders. They should not replace one-to-one sessions which are imperative to avoid injury and make sure that correct action is being used. The idea behind giving this as an offering is to help with your journey and continue with your improvement.

Videos showing how to stretch


Learn from a Biomechanics coach how to stretch effectively, taking into consideration posture and alignment to gain maximum benefit.
Balance and Symmetry for Sport

Balance and Symmetry for Sport

Highlighting some specific issues for certain sports, and some general issues that work across the board.
Yoga & Pilates Exercises

Yoga & Pilates Exercises

Here we have individual poses demonstrated with instruction on what to prioritise as well as a few simple routines.
Sun Salutation - Emma's version

Work outs – Wake up & Stretch with Core

These workouts combat the day to day stresses of too much forward bend, stretching, stabilising and strengthening.
Strength exercises

Strength Exercises

How to stabilise and strengthen certain joints to improve performance in everyday life as well as athleticism in sport.
Dynamic exercises for knee rehabilitation

Rehabilitation & Biomechanics Assessing

Specific rehabilitation routines for certain joints plus some of the stories that clients have of their own personal journeys.