This section is for you my dedicated clients to have access to many things:

  1. Videos – I have set up two things – Training videos which remind you of how to do some of the exercises we have done in our sessions as well as Video Sequences/ Workouts – which are short excerpts or actual classes for you to follow in order to keep the continuity up for your progress, in between our sessions or whilst you are away with work or holiday.
  2. Recommended products – there are products that you may want to purchase, this can be a minefield and so to save you being confused as to which is best suited to you, I have created a list of recommended products hopefully covering most things. You simply click on the link and purchase directly there – most are on Amazon or other trusted sites.

Training Videos

Training Videos
These are designed as guidance & reminders. They should not replace 121 sessions which avoid injury by correcting technique.

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