Posture and stability are essential in all sports.

Once a client said to me “This is like when we teach snowboarding – we always talk about alignment”.  As we do in riding, cycling, running. We talk about stabilising the body in order to be more powerful in our actions and more agile in our movement. This does not only apply to sport, it applies to getting older and general day to day life, but it is particularly important when trying to improve ones skills in ones sport, for example you will hit the ball with more power in tennis, if the shoulder is really strong and stable, and that stability comes form the core.

Core stability is an “overused” phrase, but it explains everything.  The core supports the trunk which we need to be strong in order to hold ourselves up, no leaning or resting or slouching.  No hanging in the ligaments of the joints – which often shows up when planking or bridging – all about engaging the muscles to hold the body strong and straight.

Strengthen the core so that the trunk supports itself and the limbs can move independently without locking areas of the body which then prevents free movement, as seen in ballroom dancing, dressage riding, sprinting.

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