For obvious reasons these case studies will remain nameless.



This client (very active aged 40)  developed knee pain when running and then developed lower back pain.
Investigative work was done on both knees – an Arthroscopy (2008) on the knees – Left shows good cartilage, right shows degeneration.

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MRI scans (2012) of the Lumbar area were taken to understand the pain.

Again a lot of damage was discovered.  The verdict had been a replacement knee was needed and a spine fusion. None of this was done, considered pretty radical by the patient for a 40 year old.

Intensive rehabilitation and re-education on functioning and moving correctly was done.

Patient now rides/hunts/jumps horses; windsurfs;  can run but chooses not to; Cycled Ride London in 2013.



Patient crippled with back pain in 2013 – to the extent almost bed ridden
Pain management – Prescribed a concoction of pain killers – Co-codimol; Cortisone injection x2; Anti-depressant Amitriptyline and Pregabalin
Prognosis was surgery was INEVITABLE

Came to me in 2013 – after Physio etc had been exhausted with no permanent solution
Stopped all medication
Broke movement right back down to basics

Patient now: Cycles; Skies; swims and surfs in waves in Cornwall; Sails dinghies at Hayling Island.


How do bunions effect your knees and hips?
This patient came to me with knee pain.  The physio did not seem to be able to keep the pain away.

The bunions were never discussed in relation to knee pain
When toe joint bent there was no stabilising going on from the foot up

Patient now pain free in the knee and hip.


Patient with ski accident 2014- caused knee injury – MCL tear to rightknee
After an assessment it showed that the stronger side was the right, so this had possibly been favoured in collision.

Worked on stabilising and correct posture to elevate load on knee joint.
Worked on symmetry so both sides of the body are used more equally

Now patient is sailing dinghies; running; skiing again


Client wanted to learn to run, May 2016.
Really unstable knees and feet from lack of flexibility in ankles and hips.
Ankle issue – previously broken left ankle and had bunions in both feet.

After a regime had been set to improve speed, client developed sore shins.
Looked more at ankle stability and worked on foot and ankle posture.

Aug 2016, Run times improved massively, now regularly runs 5km and has run 10km. Speed increase of 1.5km in 18mins to 1.5km in 12mins.

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