Biomechanics Coaching

Online & face to face assessments. Analysis of posture & movement. Regular exercise progression given.
Avoid injury, reduce pain & improve performance.

What is biomechanics

Mental Strength

Encouraging positive focus.
Develop calm & peace of mind.
Looking at what motivates you.
What are you passionate about?
Who do you want to be?
Regaining self confidence.

How do you go about this

Exercise & Training

Specific programs designed for your individual needs & goals.
Focus on posture & technique.
Constant progressions provided.
Attention to nutrition & hydration.

Give me an example

Balancing lifestyle

Work with external influences. Looking at your environment & understanding the impact that work, family & friends, hobbies, lifestyle have on health.
Address stresses & sleep patterns.

How is this relevant

Online Sessions

One to One & Group Coaching.
Full interactive video conferencing. Technique corrections given via screen share tools.
Email only programs and packages.
No longer limited by Geography.

How does this work


Prerecorded workouts - alleviates inconvenient session times.
How To / Exercises / Stretches / Poses / Additional work outs.
Recommended products to cut down search time for you.

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About Us

We provide an all around approach to improving performance & reducing pain.

Biomechanics Coaching addresses your ability to move; Physical Training teaches progressions to achieve your goal; NLP Psychology helps you mentally reframe negative thoughts; Learnings from 20 years of Professional Sport educate overcoming your hurdles. Based in Hampshire UK: covering Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth & more.

STRIVING to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE in both life and sport.

  • Understand the importance of symmetry, alignment & straightness
  • Create awareness of areas of weakness, tension & stiffness in order to improve movement & balance
  • Work on agility without rigidity
  • Develop a positive mindset through mentoring to overcome stumbling blocks
  • Learn to deal with stresses & all external influences in order to achieve good quality of life & sleep

Specialising in PREVENTING PAIN and fast RECOVERY

  • Assess root cause of discomfort
  • Screen body for areas of weakness & potential future pain
  • Rehabilitate apparently minor niggles
  • Work on specific joint issues - Patella pain; Lower back discomfort; Shoulder instability; Sacroiliac irritation; ankle mobility
  • Understand surgical interventions such as hip & knee replacements

  • Familiar with Neurological issues such as tumour damage and Multiple sclerosis

Improving PERFORMANCE in many SPORTS

  • Sports specific training, coaching & programming
  • Hands on personal experience & understanding of many sports
    • Equestrian - Sailing - Running - Cycling - Swimming - Rowing

LOOKING after our bodies as we get older

Improve range of motion around joints to avoid compensations & muscle strains

  • Free the body of aches and pains caused through life
  • Work on core stability to improve balance & straightness
  • Improve posture & prevent more wear & tear

Grow stronger INSIDE & OUT, improving POSITIVE MINDSET

  • Our mental wellbeing drives our physical wellbeing
  • We have a choice in how we look at things
  • Think it ... See it ... Believe it ....
  • Never underestimate the power of the mind

Understand how to NOURISH & HYDRATE your body

  • Look at the food & drink that you consume
  • Educate to show improvements for a better balance

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