Here at Biospheric Performance, we can help you improve your performance & reduce potential pain in your Life and your Sport. Working on your physical and mental wellbeing together we can overcome any obstacle.

We can help with all the various aspects of health and wellness which combined affect your physical and mental performance. With a background of high-performance sport and experience in dealing with breakages, injury and technical failure, along with vast experience in the health and fitness industry, we have many tools to help get you through the blocks of your journey.

As the name implies – Biospheric – meaning taking an all around approach.

We are qualified to assess you biomechanically to look at the foundations for your movement, work on aligning and getting you as near to aligned as you are designed to be. Then working on stabilising and strengthening before looking at agility, speed and power along with sports specific movement.

We also work on the hidden secrets – nutrition – sleep patterns – stress levels and work life balance – external influences and stressors – mindset and positive motivation. Qualified to work in all these areas you will experience changes in your life.

Added to these qualifications and services we have numerous ways of working with you from: One2one or group sessions; Face2face or online; online – Video conferencing or simply email based; Your home or in the park; The facility we used to rent space from is under review due to the Corona outbreak.

Please select a service from the menu for more information.

Online fitness and biomechanics training

Online or Face2face Training

Online training has become a popular alternative to face2face, accelerated forwards as an acceptable platform due to lockdown.

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Perfecting Posture

Posture is the foundation to perfecting correct movement patterns which reduce pain and improve performance.

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Strength and Agility – Progress your Program & Training Regime

You will reach your goals quicker with a bespoke training regime designed for your requirements and around your commitments.

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Mobilising the feet to help get better flexibility and agility

Remedial Work: Taping/Compex

Sometimes it is necessary to use machines or aids to stimulate the muscles to do their job.

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eating and drinking - nutrition and hydration

Nutrition & Hydration

"You are what you eat". Nutrition and hydration are your fertiliser & fuel, helping you rebuild and grow.

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The importance of sleep for rebuilding and growing cells


Sleep is essential for recovery. When the body gets to focus all its energy rebuilding as opposed to being active.

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Mental strength; the brain and neurons

Mental Strength

The power of the mind has so much more influence on our performance than we realise.

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If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.

Motivation & Speaking

Motivation comes from setting an example. Using tales from life's achievements and experiences, points can be illustrated for business.

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