In order to reach a goal, a generic training regime is not going to tick every box.

We are all different:

  • Different time frame
  • Different commitments in our week
  • Different desires and goals to achieve
  • Different age and ability

So to make the best use of our time it is important to have someone look at our life and work out what we need to do to get to our goal in the most time-efficient and realistic way.

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, however big or small, it is your world and a goal is a goal – be it lose some weight for a wedding or party, train for a local fun run, compete in a marathon, race a bicycle in a CycloSportif race, do the Etap du Tour, or even compete in a top-level Olympic sport.
Each person’s goal is their goal and needs to be looked at specifically in order to help them get fit and avoid injury and more importantly in order that they make the best use of their time and not waste it with inefficient workouts

There are many areas to fitness and performance:

Flexibility …… Endurance …… Strength ……. Power …….. Sports specific skills …….. Mental attitude ……. Putting ones life into perspective …….. Other obligations on our time …. to name but a few and it is hard to be objective in every area about oneself.

For more information on specific Training methods please look at these sections:

Virtual training via email

Email Guidance Training and Programming

Life is much faster than it used to be and many people are travelling for work, they don't have the...

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Personal Training

The art of Personal Training is to LISTEN. What is your goal ... where are you trying to get to?

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Running fitness in the countryside

Train at Home or Outdoors

Training in your own home or outdoors is often more convenient and can be more peaceful.

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Outdoor small group training

Group Training

The benefit of Group Sessions is it is an affordable way to train with a group of like minded people.

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