As a health professional who’s worked and trained in plenty of gyms over the years, I can safely say I have used and tested a LOT of fitness equipment! Theres a lot of good kit out there, but also a lot of cheap rubbish which won’t last long or will negatively impact your training. Take a look through some of my recommended products below, or if I havent covered the type of training gear you’re looking for, please reach out and I’ll give you some personal recomendations.

Cushioned mats

These outstanding cushioned pilates mats can be used for yoga, physiotherapy, fitness and many other exercises. They help protect your knees and joints with their shock-absorbing properties and comfy texture.

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Non Slip mats

Suitable for use at the gym, at home or outside (when it’s dry, of course), these large, non-slip mats are the best way to ensure you have a safe, comfortable training area. Whether you’re performing your warm-up stretches, following along to a yoga or workout program or practising your gymnastic movements; you’ll find no better alternative than these mats.

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Yoga mat towel with non-slip beads:

Yoga towels are very popular among yoga enthusiasts and have long since been part of yoga practitioners’ equipment. Many yoga instructors recommend these yoga towels for the perfect yoga experience.

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Lightweight microfibre towels to dry with:

Perfect for slipping in your bag, take no space and really absorbent

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Swiss Balls:

The Swiss ball is also known by a number of different names, including exercise ball, gym ball, Pilate’s ball, sports ball, fit or fitness ball, stability ball, therapy ball, yoga ball, balance ball, body ball, or birth ball. Swiss balls offer you a fun, safe and highly effective way to exercise. They will last for a very long time and are inexpensive compared to other exercise equipment.

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Pilates Soft Balls:

Soft Pilates balls are soft, light and resistant which allows users to perform a wide range of exercises that vary from muscle strengthening to low-impact exercises. Thanks to considerable resiliency and resistance it is an ideal tool for several isometric exercises. It is suitable for activities with children and the elderly. It is used in prenatal and postpartum classes and it is included in the Pilates method. It is quick and easy to inflate by mouth and can be folded and brought everywhere.

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Foam Rollers:



Knobbly rollers

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