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Chris Gordon racing

Race Horse Trainers – Jenny and Chris Gordon working on their core strength along side their fitness for their sport.

Chris and Jenny have both competed in racing horses throughout their life – they have had many wins between them on point to point jump courses, and have the accolade of being the only couple to race against each other on the Grand National Course at Aintree. Now, they train horses and have a consistent …

Client feedback

Lovely rewarding message from Andy

” Hi Emma, happy new year I just wanted to say a massive thanks for your help over the past few years with my knee and shoulder. Shoulder is probably 99% excepting when I’m dehydrated I notice it in the morning. Thanks and I hope this year brings some good times. Andy”

Correcting Running Posture to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE and AVOID INJURY

This is really worth a read –  Simplifies the errors that are being made time and time again.  Repetitive running injuries are avoidable with good Biomechanics, alignment and movement.  Corrective exercises help to support a better structure and so a stronger base to run from.  These running errors come about by poor posture and poor …

Wheat Belly by William Davis

Another interesting book about wheat. …….  where it comes from, the benefits, the negatives, the effects ….. All of this information is out there to make us think – opinions are from the human mind, but so is research. Data and facts are interesting – but take a look at who is researching and who …

The Men that make us Thin

The Men that Make us Thin

 What a great documentary about the food industry and fitness industry in relation to loosing weight.  They show that exercise alone does not burn enough calories to loose weight.  Exercise is essential to a healthy life – alleviating stress, proven that those who exercise spend significantly less time in the GP’s room and so cost …