Holidaying on a boat doesn’t mean you stop your exercise routine

Holidaying on a boat doesn’t mean you have to stop all your exercise, and it also means you don’t have to take a load of equipment with you because there is plenty of props to use to do a good workout on board a boat.

There are halyards up the mast that you can hang things on, you have fenders that you can lie on. There are heavy objects on a boat that you can lift up and put down, there are steps getting in and out of the companionway, there are cockpit cushions that you can lie on and do core exercises.

You can create a small work out such as:

Pulling exercises –

TRX Row using halyards; Row; Upright Row using buckets of water/ water bottles full of sand/ mooring lines; Bent-over Row with buckets of water; Reverse Fly with mooring lines.

Legs –

Squats holding the halyard TRX; Lunges hold a weight in front; One Leg Squats with foot on something raised

Pushing –

Press-ups on the combing or deck; Dips in the cockpit; Shoulder press with mooring lines

One bit of kit essential would be the sunhat and water bottle.