Biospheric Performance was set up by Emma Westmacott. It is her vision to have an all-around, all encumbering approach to your health and fitness. Making sure that every area is covered because everything is related. There is a massive mind-body connection and this is one of the main areas that is covered, the physical approach is to look at the platform and understand the symmetry and the alignment. Along the way looking at the mind and realising …. have you ever seen a depressed person stand up straight, do you see stressed people hunched or with great posture. The mind is a massive part of this journey.

Emma is qualified to cover all areas of health and fitness but she works with a team of other specialist to make sure that you are looked after along your journey in the best possible way.

The starting point needs to be an assessment in order to make a plan. Then we can discuss with you how to progress.


What is Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the science of applying mechanical principals to the structure, function and motion of the human body.

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Emma Westmacott windsurfing

About Emma

Emma's mantra is - Life is what you make of it .... so fill it up with fun things ...

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Coaching a client through shoulder rehabilitation

Our Skills & Qualifications

Read about the actual skills we have that qualify us to be experts in the services we offer.

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Our Ethos

Life is a balance - There are many different purposes for being, many different avenues and choices we can take.

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Our Pledge

We can help you to turn your world around so you can become the person you strive to be.

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Packages / Prices as of October 2020

Here you will find pricing for the services currently on offer.

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Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement or understanding of how we work together.

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Contact Us


This is a bespoke Coaching Service designed to help you move forwards mentally and physically. Please get in touch.

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