The knee joint is a very vulnerable joint – relying on the stability of the foot and the hip.

The knee joint is designed to bend and straighten, it is not designed to hyperextend nor to rotate.  Its stability depends on the foot functioning correctly and the ankle having full mobility.  It also relies on the hip functioning correctly, having full rotation and range of motion, and being stabilised by the gluteus muscles and the core muscles to hold the trunk steady and secure the top of the thigh bone (femur) so that it swings through in alignment.  It relies on strength up and down the body and correct spine posture in order to provide good shock absorption.

Knee issues can present themselves in a variety of ways – discomfort around the knee cap, to one or other side, down the front by the patella tendon, inside the joint, behind the knees itself etc.

Most repetitive strain knee niggles are due to a lack of subconscious control, so a rolling inwards and outwards once the leg is weight-bearing. At the end of the day if you cannot do a one-leg squat in correct alignment how can you hop, skip, jump, run or walk?!!

Most major sports knee injury accidents – ski/ run accidents are due to a lack of strength in the body, where it struggles to be responsible for itself and hold itself up and the knee, being the path of least resistance, ends up being the joint to give way.

All the listed services will definitely help the knee to repair and strengthen.