images What a great documentary about the food industry and fitness industry in relation to loosing weight.  They show that exercise alone does not burn enough calories to loose weight.  Exercise is essential to a healthy life – alleviating stress, proven that those who exercise spend significantly less time in the GP’s room and so cost the tax payer and NHS much less than those who do not exercise.

The reality is DIET, eating what we are designed to eat – And the junk food companies know this but continue a very clever marketing red herring of spending huge sums of money sponsoring sporting events and kids playgrounds.  The image perceived is that one can eat what one wants as long as you exercise.  This is not true.

Then the pharmaceutical industry got involved in making money in drugs that suppress appetite, dissolve fat…. with horrific side effects.

These industries capitalise on our ignorance and lack of real education and twist the facts in order to make money.

A must watch

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Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4