The Benefits of apple cider vinegar are many.  But the main reason for taking a table spoon before every meal is to realign the pH level of the gut.  ACV is alkali and as most of the common ailments are due to too much acidity this is an incredibly good way to neutralise this imbalance.  Acidity essentially is degeneration, directly in the stomach one can develop ulcers, acid reflux etc; it causes muscle wastage due to the buffering necessary regain an equilibrium, it causes bone decay due to the fact that the calcium its stripped as a form of alkali; it causes tooth decay for the same reason as bone decay.

A small amount of ACV can reverse this acidity.

Acidity comes from the modern diet, preservatives, toxins etc, high stress levels and adrenalin levels, intense exercise produces lactic acid, alcohol and drugs, prescription drugs such as antibiotics.

Think we get prescribed ant-acid to combat stomach issues. antibiotics are known to have side effect – acid reflux, ulcers etc.

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Apple cider vinegar