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Client feedback

Hannah sends a lovely message

See Facebook: Biospheric Performance Equestrian Posture …. Absolutely love it when everything we do off the horse comes together when I am riding 😀 All those exercises are so… Posted by Hannah Bown on Thursday, 29 September 2016

Chris Gordon racing

Race Horse Trainers – Jenny and Chris Gordon working on their core strength along side their fitness for their sport.

Chris and Jenny have both competed in racing horses throughout their life – they have had many wins between them on point to point jump courses, and have the accolade of being the only couple to race against each other on the Grand National Course at Aintree. Now, they train horses and have a consistent …

Client feedback

“I want to thank you for the significant contribution you have made to me and my family’s life over the last year.”

“I want to thank you for the significant contribution you have made to my and my family’s life over the last year. I am looking forward to keeping up this level of flexibility, strength and physical confidence. I am absolutely sure that if it had not been for your input, I would not be in …

Common Colds and Flu

So the common cold has been dealt with in various ways – from just grunt up and get on with it.  To take some vitamin C, or take cold and flu tablets or Paracetamol. But are we in fact prolonging the illness by taking many of these medications and would we do better to simply …

Client feedback

Lovely rewarding message from Andy

” Hi Emma, happy new year I just wanted to say a massive thanks for your help over the past few years with my knee and shoulder. Shoulder is probably 99% excepting when I’m dehydrated I notice it in the morning. Thanks and I hope this year brings some good times. Andy”