Tom Hanks talks about how his weight gain led to Type 2 diabetes

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Thank goodness at last we have acknowledgement of the seriously bad effects of an unhealthy diet.  This is a simple correlation – too much high energy food (fats and sugars) leads to extra weight being carried …. we all know this …. we gain weight because we have eaten “energy” thaScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 14.23.58t has not been expended and so we store it.  But what many people choose not to see is the story does not end there – there is a balance within our body, energy eaten is stored and there are hormones involved in releasing this – Insulin – the equation gets disrupted when we eat an unbalanced diet and the end result is certain organs give up and can’t be bothered – one being the pancreas.

It is so important to respect our bodies if we want to live a long and happy trouble free life.

There are certain jobs that require us to put on weight – actors are one, sailors for certain types of boat, rugby players to be heavy, etc.  There is something to be said for not trying to be something we are not.
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We are designed to eat:

  • Lean meat, that has roamed free on the Prairie
  • Fresh as near to raw vegetables as possible
  • Limited fruit in summer months when the days are longer and we are up and about for a longer day
  • Fresh water
  • Anything else is polluting our body and we need to work to digest/ dissolve/ absorb it.
  • This taxes our organs – liver/ kidney/ stomach etc…..