Participating in sport is a fabulous outlet for fun and achievement. It is a part of our day where we can immerse ourself in something that we really enjoy and let go of the day to day trials and tribulations. However sport is no fun if one hurts, or if one gets tired through lack of fitness or frustrated due to bad technique or an apparent inability to “get it” or improve. Often poor technique can be a result of feeling our body is letting us down. This creates a negative spiral and before we know where we are we have talked ourself out of being any good at anything. Working on improving our biomechanics through good balance, functionality and posture – we can then improve our stability and strength for sports specific actions. Once we start to improve in our performance our mindset changes and our self belief comes back.

Please do not stay in a rut – reach out and have a chat and we can see ho wee can help you.