Linda Stokes – Mum of 3, sails dinghies, skies offpiste, runs, regular gym goer

I started working with Linda in 2014 after she had suffered a knee injury from a ski accident.  She had been doing physio for a few months and then came to me to work on getting stronger and back into her sports.  We regularly see Linda in the gym, on a spin bike, or joining in with one of the other classes.  We worked on a weekly basis and then two weekly basis for about 9 months when winter struck and she was off skiing again.  I have worked with Linda on and off ever since, helping her when she needs it, she has a back issue that plagues a bit partly caused by lifestyle and sitting working at a breakfast bar.  With regular core and postural exercise we manage to calm it all down.

I visited Emma after a knee injury whilst skiing and repetitive lower back problems. After Emma’s initial study of me it became apparent that my lower back problems were due to the fact I hardly used my gluteal muscle and my knee had to be built back up to support me whilst dingy sailing and skiing for the upcoming season. I have become stronger, motivated and toned over the last year and am really please to say that I have not had any further back problems and skied better and stronger than ever this season.

Linda StokesMum of 3, sails dinghies, skies offpiste, runs, regular gym goer