Donna – Is a real girl who was letting “life” take over and had forgotten where she was going ….

Donna came to work with me about 2 years ago initially, but then life got a bit on top of her and she had a break for about 6 months.  She came back to me in Jan 2015.  Hear her incredible story in just 10 months how she has changed her life….

Our first goal when I started working back with Emma was just to get me moving to find that motivation that reason for getting out of the front door, to keep my leg moving, to get my heart pumping get the blood running back through my body, and that really worked, Emma found a way to do that and she was able to give me some anchors to hang my thoughts and my actions on which motivated and inspired me to get out of the door.

DonnaDetermined young lady who managed to turn her life around