Emma Stokes – Suffered serious back pain – now out running/riding and skiing.

I have worked with Emma since 2013/14.  She was introduced to me by her partner who I used to mountain bike with. Emma was struggling to get ou tof bed, it was taking her an hour to get dressed, it was causing stress with her family and her work.  She had tried varous pain management, but nothing had worked longterm.  We worked on posture, alignment, straightness, core strength and gradually managed to lose the aggravation of years of poor spine posture.  Emma is now amazingly active, running, cycling, surfing, windsurfing, she has worked really hard on continuity and regularly keeping up her exercise.

In 2013, I had a lower back (L4/5 disc) issue that escalated where I struggled to get around due to excruciating pain. I was put on all kinds of drugs for pain relief and I had a surgeon who expected to operate on me. The drugs helped the pain but I couldn’t do anything! I have three young children, a full-time job, and used to be really active, and the impact on all the family life was horrible.

I started training with Emma in Spring 2014, and looking back I am amazed at our progress.  We started little by little chipping away at my posture, alignment and gradually building up my strength. Emma has worked hard to build my confidence, encouraging me to live again. I went skiing with the family at Christmas, I have scared myself mountain biking and I been out skiing with some girlfriends in January.  At Easter, I was body surfing in Cornwall and last weekend I got back out on my road bike. I am looking forward to lots of sailing this year; Finally I am not scared it’s going to hurt!  I love being part of the family again … it’s a wonderful feeling to be alive!!

Emma StokesFull-time accountant, mother of 3, suffered serious back pain and now enjoying an active life again