Hilary Baker client testimonial

Hilary Baker gives some brief insights

Hilary was coming to the bike turbo sessions online, she then did a 1-2-1 Biomechanics Assessment online and has been doing some 1-2-1 coaching. She was referred to me by a client/friend and has subsequently joined the “Wake up and stretch” class and has participated almost every morning since the beginning of May.
2 weeks later she wrote this: “”
She joined the “Wake up and Stretch” on 5/05 and has been doing it since, along with 1-2-1 coaching.
We have not met face to face yet.

I am going to join Emma's 7.30 classes next week as currently, my body is a mess with sooo many bits aching. She has been providing great feedback me, I can see why you use her.

Thank you so much for recommending Emma, my body is already feeling better. My new turbo is good, but has more resistance than the last one. I was slightly out of breath for my 9.30 team call :-)

My body is so much stronger I cycled on the week end and beat all my Strava times.

Hilary BakerMother of 2 boys, avid windsurfer and cyclist, full-time CFO of a large organisation