I wanted to share the wonderful achievement of Hannah. She and her amazing horse Stanley (Sandros Strom) have just won their first advance 102 at Pachesham Equestrian Centre. They are currently aiming for the British Dressage level “PRIX ST GEORGES” (and I am sure they secretly are not planning on stopping there!!) and they are well on their way now.

I began to work with Hannah in April 2016. At first, we had about 6 months of monthly contact and then after qualifying for the Nationals in Hartpury we stepped it up to weekly. Depending on her work and her other commitments our regularity has varied, motivation comes and goes as she has journeyed the ups and downs of horse ownership and as qualifying for various competitions inspires her. We have not worked with her for a year or so, for many reasons – distance from her to me – her workload as a radiographer with the NHS increased dramatically – Stanley had a bit of downtime due to an operation he had to undergo – and then her riding lesson frequency and intensity increased in order to really up their game. They have an amazing story and have really fought through adversity.

Initially, we focused on fitness and core strength. The aim was to lose weight and gain strength in order to improve her riding. Her horse was not symmetrical back then from reign to reign, and throughout her journey, her fascination has been that every time she gains strength in her core and her body, he simply offers her more. His moves get more pronounced, he offers more enthusiasm and energy because she is able to inspire and balance better. We feed off them and they of us.

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Hannah has been a fabulous client because she is very body aware. She has managed to adopt her learnings from our lessons really easily into her riding and life and so effecting change well. She has not needed weekly training sessions but has gone away and adopted the actions and really practice. Over the last year, her workload has increased and she has motivated herself to continue her training without much contact at all because her desire to improve and achieve her goals is so great that it drives her, and her incredulous horse manages to develop and grow through all his training and come back from his surgery stronger and happier, which has become truly inspirational. Between them, I truly believe they drive and motivate each other to greater and greater athleticism.

Here are few comparative images from the other day and a few years back

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