How exciting to run a workshop specifically for riders by riders.

Using the latest “Gravity ” machines to illustrate how the body compromises when under the pressure of being on an unstable platform. This is open to all riders of all age and ability. The outcome will be to give you an understanding of where your imbalances are, where your lack of straightness and symmetry, how first this can affect you in the long run and how this will affect your horse.

Working the with Gravity machines - very similar to a pilates reformer in what it can achieve

We are all so ready to get a physio in to look at our horse but we often are not ready to admit to our responsibility in the equation, how are we affecting our horse, why is he not the same on each reign? Why does he not always pick up the right canter lead? Is it really all his doing or are we sitting slightly off centre and so he is compensating in order to stay balanced himself. How do you feel when you give someone a shoulder ride and they move around a lot? Is it easy to walk in a straight line?

The format will be to do a basic assessment to illustrate a few areas of imbalance and to show how certain stretches can exercises will correct this, a little work will go along way. But also to understand that it is easy to continue blindly exercising without actually paying attention to correctness which will not be as productive as it could be.

Assess your posture for riding and understand your symmetry or lack of

Assess Rider Biomechanics & how this affects your horse

1. Understanding rider symmetry clarifies rider aids.
2. Assess individuals to highlight asymmetry
3. Experience the gravity equipment, measurable, sports-specific exercises.
4. Specific personalised home program
5. Leave with a clear understanding of improvements

For more information contact Emma via this website, via facebook on Biospheric Performance Equestrian Posture or through New Energy Fitness.