This period of lockdown has fast-tracked online training, to become the new normal, something that would have taken years to do in the previous world of health and wellness training. This has been a fantastic option to offer clients during a time of financial uncertainty for some and isolation. This has created a regular, affordable way to train, that is less time consuming, less restrictive due to location, where one is amongst like-minded people.

We have developed a time table that has been adjusted a little to accommodate as many people as possible and was designed to cover all areas of fitness around the body. We have the 7.30 am “wake up and stretch”; Two cardio sessions on the bike and two on teh rowwing machine for thos that have either of these bits of equipment; a TRX session challenging the entire body, making use of suspension training; and a separate upper body and lower body work out to challenge those areas whilst unable to go to a gym.  

The idea behind this has been to motivate and inspire whoever wants to join in to be part of the sessions. Timetables can be found on Facebook: Biospheric Performance.  All sessions are done on Zoom 618296090 as of today until further notice.

To see our schedule, please visit our Online Traning page.

These sessions are done on Zoom in order to help correct you whilst doing your exercises. The problem with pre-recorded classes is there is no interaction with the trainer and so you could be doing an hour of exercise incorrectly and potentially cause yourself damage. We have a webcam on ourselves to show you what you should be doing, and all the students are shown on a TV screen, with an iPad near at had to take a closer look as you exercise. Obviously initially there were concerns about online training – “is everyone looking at me”, “I don’t know how to use it” etc. These are not something to worry about, the other participants are far too concerned with their own posture and work out to watch you and we are more than happy to spend time making sure you are set up correctly.

1-2-1 sessions are still being taken on zoom and are very successful, we will guide you where to put your cameras for optimum feedback to us in order that we can help to correct any issues. The software is great allowing for screenshots and screen sharing.

Plus there is the added advantage that you can exercise in the garden or at home where ever you choose.

Jeni Mundy Personal training in the garden on Zoom

The favourite tool for the job seems to be the iPad or something similar. It is so versatile to be able to take with you when travelling. There are various ways to prop this up, but best is by using a tripod or something similar. There are many places to buy Ipads but you can do a lot worse than buying from Amazon, where you have a trusted source and an amazing returns system and good back up should anything go wrong.