Jeni Mundy – Top Executive, mum of 2, loves to be active has had a history of lower back issues

Jeni has been working with me since 2007, one of my early clients in this country. She is now a top executive with a really demanding job involving a lot of travel and many long days.  She has two children and a really supportive husband.  Jeni has had issues with her back which she has undergone surgery for and this is probably one of her drivers for staying fit and healthy.  She and I come from similar backgrounds and have both raced as high-level competitive athletes in the Whitbread (now called ‘The Ocean Race’) Around the World Yacht Race.  Jeni led the charge being on the first all-female team in this race and I followed in her footsteps.


I have been working out with Emma for 8 years now, she is fantastic. Not only does she push me, which although I reluctantly admit to I actually quite enjoy ......

Jeni MundyHigh level exec, mother of 2, avid sailor and sports enthusiast who has come back from 2 major back surgeries