Is inequality right? Andy Murray defends Women in tennis

We are in a world where men and women are trying as hard as each other to succeed and win championships, participate in sports, and be part of teams.

The same experience has to be reached, the same desire and determination, the same sacrifices and choices made, and the same heart felt disappointment when things don’t go right.  Why is this respect not there?  Andy Murray brings this up in a recent interview –

Andy Murray and Serena Williams.png

Inequality is so unfair because it is hugely disrespectful.  What are the reasons for choosing men in teams over women, reasons paying men more in job scenarios than women – we are seeing recently with the BBC.    Is this the world we want to bring our children in to.  Many of these decisions are made by men, and many men have children who are girls.  Do they want this road to continue for the daughters/ nieces/ cousins?

Ignorance in communication is incredible – we have the Volvo Ocean Race openly trying to engage women and encouraging teams to take them, then they go and allow sexist comments to be printed by male competitors implying that the inclusion of women is a “social experiment”  how is this acceptable?!!

What is the world afraid of?  What is going to happen – other than it becoming a happier place.  And I am not even talking as deep as the suppression that is still going on in the middle and far east.  That is simply a disgrace.

It is time to make a change for the kids of the future – educate the sons and daughters of the future.  There are blatent issues on our doorstep and there are issues in the Far and Middle East ….. what are we going to do about it?  Dad’s and Mum’s look at your kids and work out a plan.

There are some great initiatives out there – This Girl Can