As winter draws in and the light starts to fade, leaves fall from the trees, the rain comes teeming down and will soon turn to snow. We find ourselves walking dogs, youngsters and ourselves in the light of a torch. This casts strange shadows on the ground and gives a weird depth of field and so suddenly all that balance training becomes all-important. Leaves cover and mask unfamiliar objects on the ground, sticks have fallen from the trees with all the wind and rain. The story is the same when it snows, the wonderful winter wonderland covers an unknown terrain below.

We can be helping ourselves, do exercises at home learning to train to carry our body weight whilst the knee is in the bent position and taking care not to compromise by hunching the back and losing neutral spine, nor letting go of the glutes so losing the support of the knee and foot arch. These exercises will make our legs stronger and help us to be able to catch ourselves should the footing not be as it seems.

We are running classes daily for balance and stability training. On zoom, so no matter where you are or what you are doing you can join in. We have all sorts of ranges of age and ability. For those requiring more attention to detail one2one training is available in the clinic times.

Online or Face2face Training

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