Biomechanics Coaching

Online & face to face assessments. Analysis of posture & movement. Constant corrections given. Avoid injury, reduce pain & improve performance.

What is biomechanics

Mental Strength

Encouraging positive focus.
Develop calm & peace of mind.
Looking at what motivates you.
What are you passionate about?
Who do you want to be?
Regaining self confidence

How do you go about this

Online Sessions

One to One & Group Coaching. Realtime feedback through video conferencing. Technique corrections given via screen share tools. No longer limited by Geography.

How does this work

Exercise & Training

Specific programs designed for your individual needs & goals.
Constant progressions provided.
Attention paid to nutrition & hydration.

Give me an example

Balancing lifestyle

Work with external influences. Looking at your environment & understand the impact that work, family & friends, hobbies, lifestyle have on health.
Look at stresses & sleep patterns.

How is this relevant


Prerecorded workouts - alleviates inconvenient session times.
How To / Exercises / Stretches / Poses / Additional work outs
Recommended products to cut down search time for you

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About Us

We provide an all around approach to improving performance & reducing pain.  Biomechanics Coaching addresses your ability to move, Physical Training teaches progressions to achieve your goal,  NLP Psychology helps you mentally reframe negative thoughts.  20 years of Professional Sport gives experience to help you get over any hurdle. Based in Hampshire UK, covering Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth & more.

STRIVING to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE in both life and sport.

  • Understand the importance of symmetry, alignment & straightness
  • Create awareness of areas of weakness, tension & stiffness in order to improve movement & balance
  • Work on agility without rigidity
  • Develop a positive mindset through mentoring to overcome stumbling blocks
  • Learn to deal with stresses & all external influences in order to achieve good quality of life & sleep

Specialising in PREVENTING PAIN and fast RECOVERY

  • Assess root cause of discomfort
  • Screen body for areas of weakness & potential future pain
  • Rehabilitate apparently minor niggles
  • Work on specific joint issues - Patella pain; Lower back discomfort; Shoulder instability; Sacroiliac irritation; ankle mobility
  • Understand surgical interventions such as hip & knee replacements

  • Familiar with Neurological issues such as tumour damage and Multiple sclerosis

Improving PERFORMANCE in many SPORTS

  • Sports specific training, coaching & programming
  • Hands on personal experience & understanding of many sports
    • Equestrian - Sailing - Running - Cycling - Swimming - Rowing

LOOKING after our bodies as we get older

Improve range of motion around joints to avoid compensations & muscle strains

  • Free the body of aches and pains caused through life
  • Work on core stability to improve balance & straightness
  • Improve posture & prevent more wear & tear

Grow stronger INSIDE & OUT, improving POSITIVE MINDSET

  • Our mental wellbeing drives our physical wellbeing
  • We have a choice in how we look at things
  • Think it ... See it ... Believe it ....
  • Never underestimate the power of the mind

Understand how to NOURISH & HYDRATE your body

  • Look at the food & drink that you consume
  • Educate to show improvements for a better balance

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