Emma Westmacott

Emma Westmacott is the strength behind Biospheric Performance.

She is a professional athlete who has excelled at the cutting edge of sport, individually and in team situations, in the national and international arena.

She has experienced first hand what it takes to compete at a high level, the challenges facing teams and individuals to pull through and achieve, using determination, drive, passion, planning and efficient training regimes, taking care of the ground roots of posture to avoid injury.

She is aware of the importance of motivation and how this differs between individuals and has worked to bring out the best in everyone to make a stronger winning solution. Her experiences in racing high performance yachts has given her access to understanding what makes a successful individual.

She has an all around approach to her training as a Coach in order to accelerate her clients from all angles to succeed in their dreams.

  • Addressing psychology through – NLP master practitioner – these techniques have developed and are used widely by many working in the sports field to facilitate individuals to reach their full potential.
  • Grass roots approach to fitness by qualifying as a Biomechanics Coach – assessing posture and finding movement restrictions.
  • Working on stabilising posture qualified Pilates Instruction
  • Strengthening as a qualified Personal Trainer, so looking at every angle to get the best success in a rigorous programming regime.

Emma has come from a competitive sports background, where she has mostly had a position of responsibility and leadership on various round the world racing campaigns as well as many of the other sports teams:

  • England and Australia Territorial Lacrosse.
  • International Yacht Racing circuit
    • 4 x Around the World Races (Volvo/ Whitbread), including one non stop record (Jules Verne Challenge) attempt
    • Tour of Arabia with Oman Sail mentoring 4 local Omanie women
    • Regular racing on a maxi Yacht in the Mediterranean and Caribbean
  • Sprint Triathlon Series’ in Australia
  • Open Water Swim events
  • Sportif Bike events since 2004, around 100mile mark – pinnacle was Etap du Tour

The Sailing achievements were in an era of limited female participation at this level, the achievements, commended by fellow male sailors, have pioneered the way forwards for women today.  The non stop record attempt at the Jules Verne 1998, with Royal and SunAlliance with Tracy Edwards – had never been done before and never been attempted since – in fact not many men have attempted this record.

Aside from competition, Emma has had an interesting and full working life. She was born and grew up in Hertfordshire, went to art college in Cambridge and travelled overseas to Australia, aged 19.  She sailed the Caribbean, Mediterranean and spent time in the USA and Central America in her 20’s.  In 1998 she emigrated to Australia where she started to work as a Personal Trainer, but returned back to the UK in 2003.  She moved to the South Coast and set up Biospheric Performance, aiming to cover all angels of health and fitness, merging this in with her professional sailing commitments.

This constant attachment to sport and training works two ways

  • Keeping the coaching skills current and fitness up to date.
  • Working in the industry, with athletes as well as high net worth individuals, keeps Emma up to date with research, changes and developments.
  • This helps increase the competitive edge for performance and keeps a continuation in transferring the lessons learnt through mentoring others.
  • She is constantly looking to improve her knowledge and ways to achieve results, which adds more strings to the bow in developing all around performance preparation.

Her Qualifications include:

  • Qualified Personal Trainer (1998) in Australia to understand the anatomy and ways to get people fitter.
  • Pilates instructor (2002) to understand the core better and to stabilize the joints and avoid injury, have done various specialist workshops.
  • Biomechanics Coach (2013) to get a greater understanding of body function and be proactive to performance training and injury prevention
  • NLP Master Practitioner (2009-2011), helps improve the understanding of the mental approach and importance of mind and see what stops us from doing things; this is used for personal development plus to help improve the teamwork in high performance sports teams and individuals
  • Coaching Skills Course 2012, London
  • Writer for Fitness section in Yachts and Yachting Magazine, plus Local Newspaper articles on fitness and lifestyle.

Our acheivments give us our credibility to give advice, coach and mentor people.


She has always pushed herself beyond what she thought she could do and is inspired when being part of a team and achieving as a group and watching others do more than they thought they could as well, which is one of her strengths as a Coach.


Sailing, horse riding, windsurfing, surfing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, painting, swimming, stand up paddling