During Lockdown where face2face training has been impossible, we have been forced to go online, improving posture for performance in sport & a pain-free life has been working well.

ON-LINE TRAINING has been accelerated into what is considered normal with the advent of “Lockdown”.  It has proven to be a great alternative and compliments face2face training.  All we have to do is check that we are working on a platform that you are familiar with, or we set up a platform for us to use (which takes 5 minutes), and arrange a time to meet.  I have found Zoom to be more reliable and use one code for all meetings to keep things simple.  Online link is either on timetable below, Facebook or please contact via email or text.

However, I can also use FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, or Teams if you prefer.

Online is a wonderful solution.  It is easy to move the computer around to the right angle so I can see you and you can see me, if necessary you can sign in two devices in order to see better. It is much better than just following a video because I can correct your technique as we go along, with the aid of screenshots and scribbles. It is perfect because we get to see each other and have a chat, interacting as if we were together. I can find out how you are doing, what you are finding hard and what you are finding easy.


As a Biomechanics Coach, I have worked out a way of assessing without touching!  As long as we get the camera in the right place we can still measure and compare the body from one side to the other. We can perform tests and work on posture and technique. We can use props to massage, mobilise then exercises to stabilise and strengthen. We can use the software to screenshot, point out areas of concern and then screenshot again and compare.

Online remote biomechanics


The great thing is we don’t need masses of equipment.  We can work on your technique and exercise really well in your own home, for years men and women exercised with just bodyweight, one has to question if we actually need equipment.  If we want more challenge I am sure we can find things around the garden.


As a Biomechanics Coach, I cross the gap between physio and exercise.  The rehabilitation portion has been working really well, with the ability for massive attention to detail. My camera really stays put and you don’t move your mat around much so it is easy to compare your technique as we progress through the session. Taking a screenshot when you begin and then one later through the session, the angle remains the same and so comparison becomes obvious.


  • Way more time-efficient for you
  • No more frustration from traffic and car parks in order to get oneself to a session on time.
  • Still get the same attention to detail, if not more because I am looking at your technique all the time.


Uncertain times such as this demands flexibility in order to help as many people as possible join in. Therefore, the timetable has evolved to accommodate as many of our client’s other commitments as possible and so it is often changing and is flexible to the majority, please email me if there are difficulties in attending a class that you are keen to do and we can look to making changes in the future. This will however stay as-is for the duration of the month.

2021 Timetable for getting a stronger fitter body


Face2face training has started to emerge again. It definitely has its benefits, mainly that we watch you move around all the time so can see when you slip back into your old ways of how to do things – pick things up, turn, walk, stand etc. Much of this does get missed in online training as one is mainly in the same posture to look at the screen. It is easier to demonstrate when we are in each others company as well.