Virtual training via email

Life is much faster than it used to be and many people are travelling for work, they don’t have the time, need or inclination to have one to one personal training sessions. There is no reason if the motivation is there and the technique is good why remote assistance cannot work for training some people.

Virtual Training can be in conjunction with one to one sessions when a client has a long term goal – such as long-distance athletes (marathon runners) where we monitor what has been done over the week via the internet and then log it and update the program for the weeks to come.


Virtual Training consists of:

  • Written program or schedule
  • Monitored through virtual/email/web feedback on accomplishments
  • Constantly updated to keep the utilising training time the best.

We cover them all – Marathon, cycle sportifs, long distance swim training regimes.


Our trainers have been involved in many long distance athletes and programming for their events. There is much information free on line for this type of training, but what we have found is most people find it difficult to fit these regimes into their life., work, holidays and do not end up either scheduling it correctly, or tailoring it to their specific needs. People do what they like doing rather than looking objectively to the gaps in fitness and needed to achieve goals.

We all have busy lives and so it is important to schedule our training efficiently.

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