sleep recovery and relaxation

“Sleep is an essential part of recovery, rebuild and grow.”

There are many reasons why sleep gets disturbed and why getting to sleep can be hard:

  • A more sedentary lifestyle leads to sitting more where less energy is burned up and the body is not physically tired, stress levels at work
  • Mind racing from the day’s activities
  • Stress levels from high expectations
  • Need to go to the toilet
  • Disturbing noises such as wind rain, snoring, kids crying

Sometimes there is no reason to not sleep, It is just a case of changing thought processes and look at things in a different way. Looking at the psychological issues behind one’s values and belief system. Mindfulness is a very very good way to work through this kind of change.

There are many apps designed to help with exactly this, such as Calm and Headspace. If something deeper is needed then working from a psychological angle is definitely important, to help get to the root cause of the problems and trying to understand what is causing the stress.

Calm app

Headspace app