It has been amazing to share the love & the knowledge of the combination of Pilates, Biomechanics Coaching and PT in the form of daily “wake up & stretch sessions”. The feedback has been amazing. So much so that I don’t want to keep away next week!! I want to carry on & offer everyone who has been so faithful & loyal & supportive all year a week of free exercising on me as a token of my appreciation. I also want those of you to be able to give the same gift to your friends and family who you know could benefit and the reality is everyone will benefit.

Improving posture, core strength and flexibility around your body will do one of 3 things: EITHER reduce the body of pain OR improve performance in sport OR prevent future pain from excessive wear and tear due to bad alignment of the joints (joints including back – if you do not function most of the time with the neutral spine you will not have a pain free life in your back – at some stage, it will bother you).

Read some of the “success stories” to fully hear what people say.

Please please come along and bring your friends and family.

The bonus and USP of doing sessions live using an online conferencing platform is the feedback you get and the personal attention rather than just following a recording. How do you know if you are doing things right when you follow a video?

We use ZOOM – please PM for code or ask someone who is currently using it. The reason for this is to check your medical history and also to prevent those that are connecting for the wrong reasons. For more info click here: ONLINE TRAINING

Added to this you get to be amongst like minded friendly people at a time of isolation.

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