Life is more enjoyable if we are fit and healthy and not in discomfort.
In real estate it is Location Location Location …. in fitness it is POSTURE, POSTURE POSTURE.

“Posture is our grounding, our foundation, our confidence, our base from which our muscles will pull evenly and our joints will work in alignment and avoid injury and deterioration.”

If you cannot sit and stand correctly how can you move with balance, precision and control?
If your joints are not aligned it is simple there will be extra load where it is not designed to be and lead to early wear and tear.

Once we have this basic structure in place then we can develop the fitness above and move into a precise training program, designed to be tailored to the individual to reach their goal.

Is it really genetic/ nature as they would have us believe or more a posture that has developed with time and the habit has become a reality?  If it was all nature there would be no point in training because nothing could be changed.

Injuries, lifestyle, habits all create the way we move.

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Our specialities in obtaining a perfect posture are:

Biomechanics Coaching and Assessing hip movement

Biomechanics Assessments & Coaching

Biomechanics is the science of applying mechanical principals to the human body in order to achieve optimum movement

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pilates core wake up and stretch work outs

Pilates Instruction

Pilates is a form of exercise, used to train & stabilise the "trunk of the body" while the extremities move freely

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