So it feels like a little light at the end of the tunnel for the Corona Virus, with the vaccination being rolled out. However there is a lot of weight and trust being put on this being the solution. It is so new and the virus so virulent, that it really should not be treated like the “silver bullet” …… once received let’s go back to normal. We still do not know if we carry the virus once we are inoculated, according to the doctors on the news, we are still able to catch it, but will display hopefully less complications and symptoms.

So what does that mean to you and I? Well surely we can get back to a bit more normal, but we must stay responsible, keep our distance, see our face covered and wash our hands.


The vaccination is part of the cure, it is another line of defence. So what else can we do to help ourselves apart from the obvious above?


And what does that mean? What bolsters the immune system?

  • Good Sleep: to aid recovery and not be tired to fight infection
  • Good Nutrition: Bring nutrients to feed our cells in order to fight infection keep our energy levels up
  • Good Hydration: Keep the blood flow and circulation in order that nutrients pass around the body fluidly
  • Alleviate Stress: Stress hacks at the immune system because it takes energy away from the cells and tires the brain.
  • Be active/ Exercise: this is two-fold
    1. About improving circulation, in order to keep a flow of good nutrients to the cells, so moving about but not performing exhaustive high-intensity workouts that break the system down.
    2. However, having a fit and healthy heart that can cope with stresses and being taxed is very desirable so that if the virus should hit our body is used to the strain of overload.

We will look at these in more detail. But the focus must be that there are more factors to staying well at the moment than relying on the medical vaccination, there is a huge responsibility on the individual. If you want to go to sea in a sailing yacht, it is prudent to learn and understand the things necessary to keep you safe and you would not rely just on a good set of sails. You would look at a good reliable engine, decent anchors and warp, decent mast, keel, rudder etc. You cover all bases and this is the approach we should have too.

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