Biomechanics for SPORT

Calling all riders …. We spend money on Chiropractics for our horse and work in the arena to help him strengthen his posture … but do we attend to our own posture?

Riding cogs

There are various places we can go and do Pilates, and sit on mechanical horses, all of which will help.  But non of which address our specific personal issues.  We are all slightly asymmetric and we need to understand our own straightness in order to be able to understand our horses straightness.  Do we know we are always constant in our message, and do we know we are consistent form one side to the other?

If we have a proper analysis and assessment, we will get measured up and we can then see how symmetrical we are from side to side.  Then we will see exactly what we need to work on. Different muscle tensions from side to side will cause a crooked posture and asymmetric aids to our horse.

Read this snippet from an article below ….
….”This cog dynamic is why, of the two main parts that connect between horse and rider – the seat and the horse’s back, the rider’s seat must engage in the flow of movement under and forwards and round (red arrow in the diagram), and the horse’s back corresponds in an over and forwards stretch (blue arrow). This forwards stretching in both horse and rider is made possible only by the right postural support from the core muscles. ”

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