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Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement or understanding as to how we work together with you. “We” being trainers of Biospheric Performance (BP) primarily Emma Westmacott and “you” being the client. Our obligation is to design an exercise session and or program having taken into consideration your goals, likes, dislikes, obligations and ability. We will endeavour to …

Human spine, ribs and lower back pain


The spine is the main support for the trunk and protects the spinal cord, the main nerve of the body.

Looking in detail at anatomy and physiology

Case Studies

For obvious reasons these case studies will remain nameless.   CASE STUDY 1: This client (very active aged 40)  developed knee pain when running and then developed lower back pain.Investigative work was done on both knees – an Arthroscopy (2008) on the knees – Left shows good cartilage, right shows degeneration. MRI scans (2012) of the Lumbar …

Chris Gordon racing

Race Horse Trainers – Jenny and Chris Gordon working on their core strength along side their fitness for their sport.

Chris and Jenny have both competed in racing horses throughout their life – they have had many wins between them on point to point jump courses, and have the accolade of being the only couple to race against each other on the Grand National Course at Aintree. Now, they train horses and have a consistent …


STRIVING TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND REDUCE PAIN IN LIFE AND SPORT. Here to help you improve your body, soul, mindset and life…. Rehabilitate from niggles, stiffness and non straightness Improve performance in your sport Avoid injury and Prevent Pain Develop a postive mindset Mentor and Inspire you to do better “The Method” – taking a biospherical – …